With many of us striving for a healthy tan, professional spray tanning, or fake tanning, is a safe and effective way to enjoy an exotic glow all year. And with modern knowledge about sun exposure, and concerns about UV tanning, thank goodness such a body-friendly and easily applied tan is available.

Spray tanning at The Treatment Rooms

Here at The Treatment Rooms we use Fake Bake solution, we offer two shades, natural or dark!

So what makes Fake Bake stand out amidst the tanning elite?

Fake Bake’ has a pleasant scent, so none of that biscuity smell so often associated with other tans thank you.All solutions will develop to complement your natural pigment. We say ‘hell no’ to orange tans!All liquids are free from artificial preservatives and parabens and contain our naturally-derived, unique tanning formula for longer lasting, natural looking results.

Full body spray tan£25.00
Upper body only£20.40
Legs only£16.80

Getting the most from your fake tan

As you’d expect from one of Bristol’s most professional spray tanning salons, your trained tanning practitioner will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy the best possible tan.

Get the most out of your spray tan with the following tips:

  • Wear loose and dark clothing
  • Avoid water for at least 6-8 hours after your spray tan
  • You will be provided with paper knickers to wear during your session, for men please wear boxer shorts
  • Please arrive with no deoderant, perfume or body moisturisers on your skin – if this is unavoidable you will need to wash/shower before your spray tan, please arrive 15 minutes early if this is the case
  • Ensure you exfoliate thoroughly the night before
  • Avoid sports activity immediately before or after your session
  • Moisturise regularly to optimise the life of your tan

It’s time for that lovely Mediterranean look

As with all our beauty treatments and therapies, you can enjoy your tanning session on its own or during a special treatment day. Isn’t it time you got that Mediterranean sun-kissed look?