Take a thousand-year-old ayurvedic healing system, add our convenient central Bristol location and friendly, highly trained staff, and you’ve got a wonderful Indian head massage therapy on your doorstep.
In Indian culture, head massage techniques stand at the heart of everyday well-being, both in the home and in the skills of ayurvedic physicians. Nowadays, its benefits can also help you counter the effects of stress and tension that can seem inevitable with a busy life.

How does Indian head massage work?

Indian head massage, also known as shiroabhyanga, works by using different massage movements, such as compression and kneading, to stimulate endorphins to the brain and release accumulated stress in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, neck, face and shoulders. The therapist also brings relaxation and relief by gently stimulating and stroking facial pressure points.

Indian head & shoulder massage35 mins£40

The benefits of these head massages include:

Improved blood flowReduced muscular tensionGreater joint mobilityImproved flexibility in the neck and shoulders

Indian head massage is believed to relax connective tissue around the head and shoulders as well as helping the elimination of toxins. A typical session lasts approximately 35 minutes and will involve a massage oil used to help make the massage flow.

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things that an indian head massage can help you with

What is Indian head massage good for?

stress, fatigue, eye strain , insomnia, body tension, headaches, migraines, sinus problems

How will you feel afterwards?

As with so many holistic therapies, different people will react in different ways. Many clients report that they come away from their head massage session feeling peaceful and relaxed, energised, revitalised and better able to focus on life’s challenges.
As a regular treat for you or a special event to share with friends, an Indian head massage session makes a great way to revitalise yourself. And of course, it’s easy to combine a session with one of our other treatments for a perfect escape from the frenetic madness of modern life.
Thousands of years’ experience in India bears out the potency and value of this therapy. For Indian head massage in Bristol, think The Treatment Rooms.