IPL Laser hair removal from Alma lasers is an effective and permanent hair reduction solution using the latest medical laser technology. IPL laser gently heats targeted hair follicles with pulses of laser energy, slowly destroying the blood supply to the hair. nearly any part of the body can be treated safely and comfortably.

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ipl laser machine removing hair from armpit

Will I need a consultation?


Everyone will need a consultation to discuss the area to be treated, the cost of the treatment and to allow us time to tell you how it works. During the consultation we shall ask to see the area which will be treated so that we can assess the skin colour and hair colour and provide more accurate information suited to yourself.

What colour hair can be treated?

Other than white and grey hair all hair colours can be permanently reduced through treatments. Darker hairs are easily treated due to the high levels of melanin found in the hair. Light brown and slightly red hair has also proven to work, however we do not guarantee as good results with this type of hair colour.

Is the treatment painful?

The feeling of IPL varies from each individual, it may feel like a slight stinging sensation, or hot pin pricks on the skin, or an elastic band hitting the skin added with a bit of heat.  certain areas of the body are more sensitive than others as with all hair removal methods. If the client finds the IPL to painful there is another option of pain-free IPL which we offer but we do charge more and it will take longer.

How many treatments do I need?

On average most clients have between 8-10 sessions with four to eight weeks intervals depending on the area and the hair growth on the individual. After the course of sessions clients either don’t have to worry about hair growth anymore or they occasionally wax/shave, most clients have to top up the area a couple of times once a year after the course.

What should I expect before/during/after the treatment.

As IPL is a heat treatment we ask that you do not do exercise 24 hours before and after the treatment, arrive slightly earlier than your appointment time so that you can relax in our reception and get your body temperature down. We expect you to shave before the treatment unless you are unable to or have agreed otherwise with your therapist. While the treatment is taking place you will be wearing light protection glasses as it is a light based therapy. You may feel a slight sensation over the area being treated but it wont effect any other part of your body. After the treatment your skin may appear red and slightly raised in the follicles, although this usually calms down within a few hours. the skin may be hot but your therapist will cool down the area after the treatment. The hair is still in the follicle after the treatment, it has been destroyed and now needs to push itself out of the follicle, depending on the client the hair may take 1-2 weeks to fall out.

What area can be treated?

Any area of the body can be treated, except near the eye area, over a tattooed area.

  • Popular areas include:
  • Underarms
  • Bikini/Hollywood/Brazilian
  • Face
  • Legs
  • Back & Shoulders.

Can I have IPL if I have a suntan?

If the suntan is directly on the area in which you are getting treated then no, however if you are getting an area done which you have covered from the sun and has had no sun exposure for 12 weeks or more than you can still have the treatment done.

The same goes for fake tan, you can apply fake tan unless it is on the area which is being treated.

What if I am on medication?

You need to tell us and make us aware of any medication you are on or have been on over the last 3/6 months s it may effect the effectiveness of the treatment or may cause a bad reaction which could result in burning/scarring.