Are unsightly thread veins undermining your confidence? Fortunately, proven IPL technology and our skilled practitioners mean safe thread vein removal and removal of spider veins is readily available at our convenient Bristol salon.

What are thread veins?

Thread veins (telangiectasia) and spider veins are very usual, and thread vein removal is common in the UK. According to some sources, one in five 20-year-olds and one in two 50 year-olds are affected. Although their cause is not fully understood, the consequences of thread veins for people’s confidence is – as are the benefits that unsightly vein removal can bring.

Facial thread vein removal


How does IPL thread vein removal work?

IPL technology enables vein removal of even large, deep and cosmetically unacceptable veins without the use of chemicals and needles. Whether for removal of thread veins or larger veins, proven non-invasive technology gives benefits including the following:

  • No risk of damaging surrounding tissue
  • Effective facial vein removal rebuilds your confidence
  • Relatively little discomfort (especially with smaller veins)
  • Little likelihood of the same veins reappearing
  • Quick effective vein removal treatment lets you get on with your life

After your ipl vein removal, though they’re unlikely to be painful, treated veins may become red and swollen. Over about six to eight weeks, the treated veins will then disperse naturally. During this time, we advise regular moisturising and protection of treated areas from sunlight. Your Treatment Rooms therapist will give you advice and is available to answer your questions before and after your treatment.

How many thread vein removal sessions will I need?

Whether it’s spider veins removal or something larger, your friendly therapist will discuss your exact requirements (and reassure you with answers to your questions). A typical IPL treatment programme involves between two and five sessions before your skin feels smooth and blemish-free and you can get on with life with new confidence.